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Cyber Race is TwichBot/game for streamers.

  • Start app, login to your twitch account and provide some competitive experience to your Viewers. They're able to join the race by typing !join to console. Every player who finish race got 1 point. Points are stored in ini file for every single player. Point can be used to buy some new skins, place traps on the road ect (shop is not implemented yet).

Main features:

  • fully automated, once you have start the application, you can forgot it.
  • OAuth support (you never provide your twitch password to the app)
  • Passwords are replaced by "*" for better security if you typing, or you can paste OAuth from clipboard by pressing INS key in password text field.
  • Unlimited players
  • Points system (can be used for giveaway, events and so ...)
  • Automatic Giveaway system
  • commands for users / admin
    !join (join player to the race)
    !points (Show points for sender)

    !start (force start the game)

    ... more commands will be added
  • Random choice of rocket for player (or if they've bought skin, this one is displayed)




1) You need 2 twitch accounts (1st for your main channel, 2nd for your bot)

for example SuperStreamer (as your main account)

and SuperStreamerBot (as your bot account)

2) Login to your main account on twitch ( http://twitch.tv )

3) Open this link: https://twitchapps.com/tmi/

4) Push the purple button 'Connect with twitch'

5) Copy oauth password to windows clipboard (select all string, right mouse button > copy)

6) Start CyberRace app

7) Start typing YOUR BOT USERNAME (from example above, there will be SuperStreamerBot) and hit enter

8) Push INSERT key on your keyboard (that will push oauth password from clipboard to password field)

9) enter YOUR USERNAME (from example above, SuperStreamer will be here) hit enter (or push login button)

test connection by typing !join (or !points ... ), if everything is ok, bot responds with message.

then you can use this commands:

Admin (owner):

!join - join the race

!points - check points balance

!start - force start race

!giveaway - start giveaway mode (every winner gets one price from text file)

User (viewers):

!join - join the race

!points - check points balance

How to setup giveaway text file:

open notepad

type your prices one per line (avoid blank lines at the end of the file!)

(remember first line will be given as last giveaway)

Save your file as %username%\AppData\Local\TwitchGame_CyberRace\giveaway.txt (you have to do that before run game)

Now if you type !giveaway to chat, every winner gets price from this list.


Buy Now$0.90 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $0.90 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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TwitchGame-CyberRace 1.01.exe 3 MB